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Ingrid isn’t a woman who does much outside of her work, but something she does enjoy when she gets the time is working on her autobiography.

She’s been working on it for years, trying to let people know what a contact really does for the government. Though she knows once she finishes it, the likelihood of is being published it slim.

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Ingrid has always strived to be an authority figure, but due to her career choice and how people view her work, she never really achieved such. Still, every day she works to gain the respect and power she feels she deserves. It’s a hard task, but one day, it will all be worth it.

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  • Hm. From the day she was born, work had always been a priority. Studying all through the night and making sure she was a straight A student. Though, the consequences that followed weren’t exactly ideal. She didn’t know many people, didn’t have a real life, and because of that, she missed out on so much, and still does to this day.

It that good?)

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24. sex isn’t everything

Hunnigan hasn’t really been in very serious relationships, but when she is, she prefers that sex not be the main part of the relationship.

She likes doing things as a couple. Stuff like going on dates and spending time together. She likes the little things a couple will do.

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23. alcohol and more alcohol

When drunk enough, Hunnigan can get a bit wild. Then again, her mood while drunk depends on how stressed she is and who she happens to be around at the time.

Most time, Hunnigan can be a bit of a sloppy drunk, shedding clothing here and there. So, next time, prepare to see Ingrid with nothing but her blazer on, and be lucky if she’s wearing her skirt.

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1 - What does their bedroom look like?

  • Well, let’s see. Her bed is against the back wall, a window just to the side of it where the fire escape is. Her closet is on the right wall, full of suits and shit. She has a small dresser filled with her casual clothing. It’s pretty much been a mess since Crispin returned, and she’s tried to clean it up, especially all the files she has scattered around.

9 - Makeup?

  • The only makeup she really wears is a thin layer of foundation, especially on days where she gets little to no sleep, a thin layer of lip gloss, and some eyeliner. She likes to keep it light.

21 - Turn Ons? Turn Offs?

  • A few turn ons -  Scars,  Man in uniform, Courage, Confidence, A nice smile, Willing to help, Can show sensitivity
  • A few turn offs -  Lack of personality, Controlling, Conceited, Too buff
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22. Operation Javier

During the time of Operation Javier, Hunnigan relayed information to Jack Krauser. She had used the name Ingrid Hannah in case there were other listening on the same channel, but kept the same first name so Jack would understand that it was her.

After that mission, the two never spoke again, seeing as she had gotten news of his death.

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21. keep it calm

The type of music Hunnigan enjoys most are the R&B classics or things that are just soft and mellow. She enjoys such artists as Vanessa Williams, Babyface, Elton John, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, and people alike.

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20. sheltered for a bit

Growing up, Hunnigan was slightly sheltered. She never knew that different sexualities existed, and when she attended college, it was a huge shock to her when she was exposed to drugs, alcohol, etc.

She always had an idea about it all, but it was tones down a lot more than the reality of it all.

Now, she’s pretty much accepted the whole drugs and alcohol bit, but the sexuality one is what makes her most uncomfortable, as she was never exposed much to it.

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19. Accessory to murder

Back when Hunnigan was helping Leon out during the Las Plagas incident in Spain, on numerous occasions she had the feeling she was an accessory to murder. It was only because the locals were being hostile and her translator kept giving her the wrong translations. She won’t speak of it to this day, for she fears that Leon might be considered a serial killer.